Abbeycroft pledges to inspire physical activity uptake for National Fitness Day

Wednesday 26th September saw people across the UK participate in the most active day of the year – National Fitness Day.

If you visited Abbeycroft on this day, you may have noticed something a little different. Props and boards titled ‘I’m inspired to…’ were scattered across our centres, with many eagle-eyed visitors keen to grab a pen, finish this sentence and pose to our waiting cameras.

You see, we took this opportunity to emphasize the varied fitness pledges of our staff, members and general facility-goers. Why? To show that fitness is about more than just…well…getting fit.

From weight loss, feeling good and getting fit for the family to even just turning up to the gym, the pledges illustrated the spectrum of personalities that choose to get active and their reasons for doing so.

Why set fitness goals?

Our staff at Newmarket set one of their National Fitness Day pledges to ‘help members achieve their goals’. They understand that a fitness journey without goals is like shooting in the dark.

Nobody visits the gym without a purpose in mind. If that purpose is loose in mind, then it almost becomes a by-product. After all the hard work put in, the end objective doesn’t get met.

And let’s face it, fitness is a slog from time to time. Making time to go to the gym is something that takes time (and willpower) to cement. Your routine will shift. You’ll have to make sacrifices and planning your time more effectively is a must.

Goals are there to give us a target to aim at. They increase our desire to achieve.

How to set fitness goals

Your best bet is to make SMART goals – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound (although you might notice this hasn’t been done on most of the pledges). Something like ‘I want to lose weight’ is much too general. Instead, try ‘I will lose 3 stone in two months’.

This ticks all the SMART boxes. It provides exact details. It’s certainly measurable and only takes a set of scales to gage. It’s not too difficult to accomplish. It’s relevant to my ambitions and setting a time-limit gives me something to aim for.

Remember, you can set several SMART goals. We suggest setting an end-objective like the one above and an action-oriented one to help you get there. An example might be ‘I will run 5km twice a week until I reach my end-goal.’

What other pledges did our members and staff make?


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