Music and exercise: the great stress buster

For many, music is the fuel responsible for kicking them into gear at the start of their workout and pushing them through to the end.

The idea of making it through an entire session without music, or even with the wrong music, is inconceivable (there’s a reason Rocky ran to Survivor instead of Bjork). No matter how delightful our centres may be here at Abbeycroft Leisure, people simply aren’t coming without their Spotify playlist.

Let’s get physical

A recent study conducted by Texas Tech University Health Sciences found that study subjects could exercise for 10% longer with a punchy tune blasting through their earbuds than they could in total silence. Not only did they run for longer, they expended more energy throughout.

Here in Suffolk, the evidence is just as apparent, and people usually leave in more of a sweat with earphones than without. But there’s more than one reason why exercise marries so well with music:

  • Music is a distraction – like anything else in life, when you’ve got a great tune on the go everything else just melts away, and that includes the burning sensation throughout your thighs and hamstrings on leg day.
  • You keep pace with the music – anyone who’s boogied until 3am will understand that music with a fast beat will keep you dancing in time no matter how much your body wills you to stop. Songs between 120 and 140 bpm are optimum for moderate exercise.
  • Music lifts your mood – exercise is merely a conflict of mind over matter. At least half the battle is convincing your brain to keep your body moving. A pumping tune will give you the much-needed enthusiasm boost that lends itself to energy and a desire to keep going.

So beneficial is music to fitness enthusiasm, that even doctors are prescribing it as a remedy to motivational lows! So here’s Abbeycroft’s tonic – our top 10 music mix to suit all tastes. This should help you keep moving and shaking throughout your workout.

  1. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor (obviously)
  2. One More Time – Daft Punk
  3. Naryan – Prodigy
  4. Alone No More – Philip George
  5. Single Ladies – Beyoncé
  6. Hard to Explain – The Strokes
  7. Tinie Tempah – Girls Like
  8. Good Life – Inner City
  9. Miami – Will Smith
  10. Till I Collapse – Eminem

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