We’re making exercise classes better at Newmarket Leisure Centre: New cancellation and Waiting List Policy

3V0A6502.JPGWe’re excited to announce that we are making exercise classes better for you at Newmarket Leisure Centre by improving our cancellation and waiting list policy. This will open up space in our exercise classes and offer more opportunity for everyone to attend their favourite classes.

From the 11th June, we will be starting a 3, 2, 1 cancellation policy. This means that if you do not cancel a class within 4 hours of the class starting, you will receive a strike. After three strikes, you will be blocked from online booking for 7 days. You can still book in centre, but only on the day of the class.

We will also implement a new way to make the most of waiting lists. If your favourite class is full, you can join our waiting list. Then, if another customer cancels, all customers on the waiting list will receive an email with a link to book directly onto the class. This will ensure that everyone has the chance to attend their favourite class if a space is made available.

We will be testing the process from the 23rd April. If you do not attend a class from the 23rd April, you will receive an email explaining that, once the policy is in place, you would receive a strike for your non-attendance. From the 11th June, our strike policy will be officially rolled out for all customers at Newmarket Leisure Centre.

It’s quick and easy to cancel your class online and this system will help to ensure that our exercise classes are full and everybody gets the best session possible.


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