Exciting changes set for café at Brandon Leisure Centre

3V0A5295.JPGWe’re pleased to announce that the popular Paddy & Scott’s will be brining its very own fine, slow roasted coffee for members and customers to enjoy on demand.

As of Wednesday 28th March 2018, a Paddy & Scott’s self-service machine will be installed in the reception area, giving you the flexibility to get your hot drinks as and when you want them. You will also have the option of getting cold drinks, pastries and sweet treats from the chiller unit that will also be installed in reception, alongside the coffee machine.

Once you’ve got your food and drink from the reception area, the Montage café area will remain open for you to sit in and enjoy your refreshments, whilst socialising with your friends and family. As there will no longer be a set menu to choose from, we also welcome you brining in your own food and packed lunches to enjoy in our café. So whether you’ve just finished a class or enjoying a Tumbler session with your little one, make sure to bring in your own food to enjoy alongside a delicious Paddy & Scott’s coffee.

All clubs who usually go to the café after their classes will still be served as normal by the team here at Brandon Leisure Centre and our Party and Function bookings in the café will still be available. So if you would like to hire out Montage café for an event or party, please make an enquiry today by speaking to us in centre or by giving us a call on 01842 819150.

We hope you’ll find these positive changes as exciting as we do and look forward to seeing you all enjoy our delicious new coffee!   


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